Pacers will be permitted to accompany those in the 100-175-325-500 kms events, but not in the shorter events.

For those in the

  • 100 kms, pacers will be allowed for the 4th (last) lap only,
  • 175 kms (replacing the 100 miler), pacers will be allowed for the last 2 laps (laps 6 & 7) only,
  • 325 kms (replacing the old 200 miler), pacers will be allowed for the last 3 laps (laps 11, 12 & 13) only.
  • 500 kms (new), pacers will be allowed for the last 4 laps (laps 17, 18, 19 & 20) only.

Pacers are not permitted to carry fluid, food, clothing or any other of the runner’s personal supplies or requirements, or to tow runners uphills with bungy cords or similar. In other words, no ‘muling’.

Also, a pacer is not required to nominate a runner that they will accompany. Pacers will act a little like sweepers and can offer advice or assistance to any runner. The only stipulation is that pacers need to be registered. A pacer will receive the normal race singlet. A runner running with a companion not being a registered runner or a pacer without a pacer’s race bib may be disqualified. A runner may have more than one Pacer. Pacer’s times will be recorded but not included in the official results nor will they be eligible to receive any trophies, awards, finisher’s memorabilia or spot draw prizes. Pacers will receive our special race singlet.

A nominal charge of $30 per pacer for one lap (or $50 flat charge for more than one lap) will be levied as a contribution towards insurance, National Park entry fees, velodrome hire, 24/6 medical and other administrative and operating costs. Like official competitors, pacers are requested to register online by no later than 22 September, 2019.